2016 GPC National Championships & CPF Western Canadians
Presented by Independent Powerlifting - Edmonton
Meet Directors: David Bennett & Tavis Harris
Saturday, May 7th and Sunday May 8th, 2016

Location: Evolve Strength
4825 89 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5K1


Click here for GPC rulebook

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no food or alcohol available at this facility. Those of you wanting to have a celebratory drink after all your hard work and dedication will have to do so elsewhere.

*Flights and Ref schedule*

Tentative referee, platform manager, announcer and attempt runner schedule (4 refs, 2 platform managers, 2 attempt runners listed to allow rest breaks / refreshments): 
SESSION 1 (all equipped lifters) 
Lee Marshall
Patrick Sobecke
Greg V O Powerlifter
Michael Francis Robert Bambrick 
Platform Managers: David Bennett and Jordan Lupul 
Attempt Runners: Carly Pres and Helene J Tremblay 
Announcer: Allison Lockhart 
SESSION 2 (all raw female lifters) 
David Bennett
Brian Johnston
Tavis Harris
Lee Marshall 
Platform Managers: James Maddex and Jordan Scott 
Attempt Runners: Jilliane Jolin and Brenna Cook 
Announcer: Selena Gavins 
SESSION 3 (all heavyweight male lifters) 
Tavis Harris
Gary Bobrovitz
Patrick Sobecke
Brian Johnston 
Platform Managers: Johnny Phung and Selena Gavins 
Attempt Runners: Sarah McCaffrey and Helene J Tremblay 
Announcer: Michelle Senger? 
SESSION 4 (all light weight male lifters) 
David Bennett
Tavis Harris
Lee Marshall
Patrick Sobecke 
Platform Managers: Greg V O Powerlifter and Forrest Bfg 
Attempt Runners: Brenna Cook and Sarah McCaffrey 
Announcer: Selena Gavins? 
Competitors!!!- please thank refs / attempt runners / platform managers / spotters / loaders / table staff every chance you get-
 they are working very hard to make sure this is a great meet for YOU, the lifter! Without them there would be no sport to speak of.
Including those who have already volunteered to do so, we will gladly take *anyone* who can assist with spotting and loading. 
We have experienced platform managers for every session so that while experience in spotting and loading is 
preferable it is in no way required. These fine folks will guide you through the process.
 It's literally as simple as copying the picture on the projector, and guarantees you the very best seat in the house!


The long awaited flight and session list:

DAY ONE (Saturday, May 7th, 51 lifters)
Session #1 (ALL equipped lifters x 22)
Flight A (10 lifters)
Crystal Grimsen
Danielle Feldman
Chloe Kapacila
Gary Bobrovitz (equipped @60kg)
Johnny Phung
Joseph Harrigan
Lee Powell
Aaron Rubin
Brian Johnston
Ryan Schuette
Flight B (12 lifters)
Seth Albersworth
Alex Fennig
Cory Velting
Ibrahim El-Hayels
Ken Trommel
Tavis Harris
Joey Forever
Patrick Thera
Ryan Pelletier
Dennis Ruygrok
Brad Dayman
Brian Bailey
Session #2 (ALL raw female lifters x 29)
Flight C (13 lifters)
Crystal Grimsen
Denika McNabb
Robyn Carnigan
Sara Abbott
Sarah Hastey
Sarah McCaffrey
Tina McManus
Anais Greer
Brittany Dewald
Domini Zanon
Jennifer LaBine
Melissa Mikula
Yvonne Yu
Flight D (16 lifters)
Gary Bobrovitz (raw @60kg)
Courtney Johnston
Heidi Demidovich
Jessica Kohl
Kari Lynn McLeod
Mel Wonitoy
Monica Johnson
Rebecca Buckley
Salena LaBine
Aline Wagner
Alison Ludlow
Margaret Ann Estabrooks
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Audrey Poffenroth
Jennaka Marcinkowski
Jennie McMasters
DAY TWO (Sunday, May 8th, 52 lifters)
Session #3 (ALL heavyweight raw male lifters x 30)
Flight E (16 lifters)
Dave Sokulski
Dylan Polo
James Guedo
Jeremy Hayes
Kyle Rozendal
Mark Wagner
Matthew Dowling
Regan Mazenc
Breydon Strangeland
Casey Saunders
Greg McDougall
Jacob Craig
James Mohns
Joshua Devoe
Michael Bambrick
Ryan Morgan  
Flight F (14 lifters)
Aaron Rubin
Michael Martin
Shawn Shannon
Zak Patek
David Bennett
Dillon Andres
Drew Detmers
Fraser Ehl
James Maddex
Aaron Sampson
Joseph Billett
Stephen Kent
Tim Agnew
Session #4 (ALL light weight raw male lifters x 22)
Flight G (11 lifters)
Gary Bobrovitz (raw @ 67,5kg)
Bill Hurley
Jared Nemeth
Jordan Hoang
Troy Prezmael
Brad Walchuk
Cameron Preymack
Eric McManus
James Diebold
Andrew Doyle
Branden Fisher
Flight H (11 lifters)
Cole Kander
Colin Mullaney
Duane Bull
Sean Lagimodiere
Dan Withnell
David Tingley
Douglas Macleod
Jeremy Bell
Joshua Dunbar
Lee Powell
Alex Colleaux
The only guaranteed start times are flights A and E, for which the bar will be declared "loaded" at exactly 9am sharp. 
We have a HUGE meet with a lot of lifters and cannot afford any delays whatsoever. 
Please be as prepared as you possibly can be to smooth things along. 
Approximations of start times will be announced as the meet progresses but guarantees other than those above cannot be made.
Something else to note- For all lifters weighing in Saturday to lift Sunday, the competition monolift will only 
be available for you to check rack heights while those lifting that day are on the other half of the 
platform benching / deadlifting. If possible, save yourself the hassle and come down on Friday the 6th
 to get your rack heights and familiarize yourself with the equipment.
 Tavis Harris and David Bennett will be there pretty much all day and are happy to get you sorted out.
Please note that the above ONLY applies to those in 3 lift- there will be an ER rack in the warmup 
area identical to that used on the platform for the bench press event, and deadlifting... well... your rack height 
is "floor" so that takes care of itself.




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World Championships 2015 was held in Las Vegas Nevada, United States, click here for results




Want some GPC team Canada apparel? Check out this link

Here's the team Canada list with 26 athletes, impressive!! Please let Brian or me know if there are discrepancies.

Team List GPC Worlds 2015



Information on GPC Worlds 2015 can be found here

Alternatively, click here for an entry form ---- or try the pdf version

*EMAIL completed form and entry fees to GPC Canada President Brian Johnston kifitness@telus.net REMINDER: funds are in US dollars, please submit fees in US dollars
Your entry and fees will be submitted on a Canadian team list after the deadline.

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Huge thank you to all of our sponsors and volunteers.

Without you these events could not happen!



Please note, there was a photographer there for a short time, his info is John@22images.photography if you want to contact him he may have photos of you

If you didn't get your GPC membership card and want it, email me with your mailing address at michellesenger@hotmail.com, alternatively I can just give you your GPC membership number.

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Results have now been confirmed and world records submitted. Canadian records are still being updated.

May 9, 2015 All equipped lifters

May 9, 2015 Raw Lifters 75 kg and under

May 10, 2015 Raw Lifters 82.5 and up




Entry form here Check back soon for updates More info here


Holiday Inn Calgary Airport
1250 McKinnon Dr. NE 
Calgary AB Canada T2E7T7
PH: 403-313-3379
FX: 403-230-7154
Date: May 08th – May 10th 
Group Block Code: PLN (please quote this code)
Group Name: Powerlifting Nationals 
Contact Name: Brian Johnston
Group Rates available for May 08th – May 10th (2 nights) 
Two Queen Bedded Room Non-Smoking
$129.00 plus taxes per night without breakfast included 
$149.00 plus taxes per night with up to 4 breakfast vouchers per room per night










Team Canada had great success in Argentina with a Gold medal brought home by Canadian GPC President Brian Johnston, the following GPC members also brought home medals and cups. Birchmans Pereira,
Courtney Johnston, Monica Johnston, Colin Mullaney, Margaret Ann Estabrooks, and Lee Powell.

For complete results click here


Team Canada entry list for GPC World Championships 2014 in Argentina!!

[click here]

GOOD LUCK to Canadian competitors


Powerlifting, Benchpress, Deadlift - (Raw & Equipped)


Competition Dates: 28th September - 4th October 2014


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Click here for the schedule

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Contact Brian Johnston kifitness@telus.net or Michelle Senger michellesenger@hotmail.com for entry form

NOTE: independent entry forms will NOT be accepted,
all entries need to be gathered and submitted on a Team Canada basis


GPC Nationals and CPF Western Canadian Championships

May 17 & 18 in Calgary, AB





Saturday May 17

Male and female EQUIPPED lifters RESULTS

All Female RAW & 56/67.5/75 kg Male RAW RESULTS

Sunday May 18

remaining Male RAW lifters 82.5 and up RESULTS